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 Welcome to the Hinton Refrigeration virtual web page. We are a full service heating, venting, air conditioning, refrigeration, and Indoor Air Quality contractor. We take great pride in our reputation we have as one the (if not the) best HVACR contractor in the Oklahoma City and surrounding area. For over 60 years we have been servicing, installing and maintaining heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment with great pride and integrity.

We began in 1952 as a small refrigeration service and installation company with a few dedicated employees. We have grown over the last 57 years to over 40 dedicated employees to serve you, with high quality installation, maintenance and service practices. Though we have grown we still have that personal care attitude that comes from a local family owned business.

Hinton Refrigeration Company. Our desire is to be the best at what we do, serving you the customer with all your HVACR needs. (Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning Refrigeration, Geothermal, and also indoor air quality)

1/10/2009 Attention: Raw material demands continue to drive costs of commodities like copper, aluminum and steel, higher and higher. Copper pricing alone has doubled since the first of the year. Due to the continuing price increases of these materials, the cost of equipment and installation will go up again . Hinton refrigeration Co. will do our best to hold down future price increases, but our hands are tied. We will not compromise the quality of our work, installation or equipment. Thank you for choosing us to serve your comfort needs.


We hire and encourage NATE Certified Technicians

Please be aware. we have had a substantial increase in bids to fix or replace stolen equipment, coils and copper refrigeration lines to the condensing units. you might want to take some preventative steps to secure yours or make it more difficult to steal. for the cost is high to relace or repair. not to mention its pretty hot to go without air conditioning.

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